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Glencheck & Paisley - THE DELIVERY


Tada! Although my new suit arrived only three weeks after having taken my measurements, I haven’t been able to pick it up until just recently. Of course I could have had it delivered to my office or home (included in the service), but picking up a suit is like picking up your new car from the showroom somehow.  You need to take your time and do it personally.After having spend more than an hour selecting the fabric, colour and cut, I wanted to have the full experience. And in any way you should make a last fitting to see if everything is according to your initial idea and properly tailored or if you need some additional adjustments. 


When ordering my suit I wanted something with an old school touch, kind of British but with a modern twist. So together with the guys at Glencheck & Paisley we decided commonly to go for a classical three-piece suit, with pleated and cuffed pants, a small watch pocket and peaked lapels. Of course this kind of suit needs to be tailored to fit very slim, the pants cropped to show more ankle than Thom Browne and a bold pattern is mandatory if you don’t want to look like you are wearing bad grandpa’s suit. We selected a navy blue fabric from Vitale Barberis with light squares. The lining in a bright pink as well as some details. 


Although I knew from the beginning that I would be satisfied with the result, I had a hard time picturing the finished suit just by looking at small sample of fabric. Here the advice from your tailor is important because he has the necessary experience and can guide you through some nasty pitfalls. Not everything that works in your mind does then work in practice and if you have any doubt it may be better to go for the safe bet. 


By now I managed to pass the first real life test at a fancy wedding without any looks or comments, therefore I guess the suit looks quite ok. But then again also all parents will tell you that their baby is the cutest on earth – which is a blatant lie of course – and usually nobody tells them to bring Gollum back to Mordor. At least I could avoid the swamp and just walk across the street to bring my suit back. 


I leave it up to yourselves to judge and I dare you to do it better. My next suit is already in the pipeline.

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