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Glencheck & Paisley - made to measure


There are a couple of contacts every man should have in his agenda: a doctor, a dentist, a mechanic, a hairdresser and a tailor.The moment you have found a good professional in any of the jobs described above, stick with her or him! No experiments. Whilst you want a reliable and competent contact for the first three professionals; you will need to consider an additional skill for the more creative jobs. 


Although your hairdresser or tailor may be a master of his craft it doesn’t mean that the result will be what you expect. A perfectly tailored suit, may have the best fabric and it may be sewed to perfection, but if your tailor doesn’t have a sense of style you will still end up looking like Borat. And don’t get me started with the hairdressers – one word: Mullet. 


So if you are still looking for a tailor, look no further. In the centre of Zurich two brothers teamed up in 2008 to bring more style to the city streets and hopefully some office floors. Their brand? Glencheck & Paisley 


Murad and Salih Esgün have both been working for Zurich’s most renowned men’s fashion stores for years and have acquired the necessary knowledge and created a solid network of suppliers in the industry before deciding to start their own business. The years of apprenticeship and patience are paying off now. 


Unlike many competitors, everything Glencheck & Paisley offers is made in Europe. And their offer goes beyond suits only. You will also find a very nice collection of chinos and summer jackets as well as a curated selection of accessories such as ties from Drake’s in London and socks from Von Jungfeld


Although many men do not have the body to buy a suit directly off the rack, most guys have reservations to visit a tailor for different reasons: 


“I do not need a suit”  


Yes you do. Every man needs at least one good suit in his closet. You will inevitably attend a wedding, funeral or any other kind of social event, where just out of respect you should dress according to the code. You are not 16 anymore. 


“I have no idea how to pick a suit” 


This is why you should contact a specialist. He will help you find your personal style and guide you through the whole process. No matter if you are more the traditional type who prefers a British look or you want to go for a slimmer and more Italian look, you will find your fabric and fit. 


“I  have no time for shopping” 


No problem. The service of Glencheck & Paisley includes visits to your office or home, so that you don’t need to spend your precious time looking for a parking lot in the city on a Saturday afternoon. 


“It is too expensive” 


This is usually the biggest hurdle to overcome. There is a common misconception that a made to measure suit is very expensive. Unless you are aiming for a suit from the one of the large multinational retail-clothing companies (nothing wrong with that), a quality suit will have its price. You will be surprised that creating a suit according to your own wishes is nowadays very affordable. And you won’t meet a million guys wearing the same suit as you do every morning on the bus to work. 


“I feel uncomfortable talking to another guy about clothes” 


Most people feel uncomfortable admitting that they are insecure about their clothing. I didn’t know anything about length of thread or weight of fabric either (ok, I knew a little something), but this is exactly why you are not a tailor. No shame in that. And once you visit Murad and get to know him; like I did; you will see how relaxed and uncomplicated things can be. 


Stop looking for excuses and suit up! 


So after all this talk you may be wondering how my suit looks like, right? Well, so am I. Every suit takes 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered and pretty soon I will be able to attend the final fitting and pick up my new three piece suit. Pictures and article to follow of course.

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